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HR/DISC Course Outline

3 Day Training

Course 1: DISC & You - 16 hours

The course is designed to develop a deep understanding about communication. How individuals communicate and how to communicate with different individuals. We take a deep dive into reviewing the DISC Workplace Profile.

Course 2: Working with Others - 14 hours

The course takes a deep dive into the DISC Group Culture Report to provide a deep understanding about the entire team and how the team works together. This course is designed to improve communication and the process of providing feedback within and to the team.

Course 3: Sales - 6 hours

The course is based on DISC Sales Report and it helps team members identify various selling and purchasing styles. We take a deep dive into understanding the individual's sales motivators and stressor and work through them to achieve successful sales. We discuss and get complete understanding of the products sold by the team's organization and design an elevator pitch.

* Businesses may take advantage of combining all 3 courses for a value price or may choose to take one course at a time.